Rosehip drink Kilikia

The drink from the rosehip of TM Kilikia is made of the fruits of mountain rosehip, grown in the foothills of the Ararat valley. The diffusion method of obtaining juice from the rosehip allows preserving all its useful qualities that are not preserved in the production of tinctures. The drink from the rosehip TM Kilikia is an absolutely natural product and does not contain any dyes and preservatives. The drink from the rosehip of TM Kilikia recommended for children.

Ingredients: diffusive hips rose, sugar, citric acid

Dry matter: 10.5%

Titrated acidity: 0.3-0.5%

PH (no more): 3.8%

Nutritional value in 100 g: carbohydrates – 10.5g

Energy value in 100 g: 42 kcal

Store at t0 0-20 0C

Storage 12 months

Open drink store in the refrigerator for more than 48 hours

Rosehip is an integral ingredient of Armenian cuisine. Rosehip, or as it is called in Armenian – “masur”, is famous not only for its excellent taste and aroma, but also has useful and medicinal properties.

The thorny bush of the rosehip is found in the wild and cultivated in a cultural environment. Rosehip is the champion among medicinal plants in the content of vitamin C, vitamins A, K, P, B1, B2, microelements and antioxidants, which contribute to the elimination of toxins, healing of wounds and even fracture fusion. Due to this, it has a pronounced general tonic, anti-catarrhal and anti-inflammatory effects. Rosehip is used as a preventive measure for tuberculosis, nephrolithiasis, ulcers and various infectious diseases. To all other, we add that the rosehip is widely used in folk medicine.

Rosehip normalizes the metabolism of the body, promotes the improvement of internal organs, strengthens the immune system, increases physical and mental performance and slows down the aging process. Decoction of rosehips is especially useful for children, because it contains a huge amount of vitamins. One can only imagine what a powerful healing power is possessed by the magic rosehip!