Louzinian Mineral Water

Mineral water “Louzinian” obtained from sources that are environmentally clean area, Jermuk sity. Jermuk Mineral Water jets are deep mineralized thermal waters. These waters were first examined and described in 1830 and used in wide use today. In terms of chemical composition, the mineral waters of Jermuk are the closest to the mineral waters of Zheleznovodsk and Karlov. Mineral water “Louzinian” has a delicate taste, it is easy to drink, and it is rich in useful mineral salts and helps to quench your thirst at any time of the year.

Volume: 0.5L

Quantity in a case: 20 bottles

Produced: glass bottles

Chemical composition (mg/dm3)

Cations Anions
Ca2+: 200 – 360 HCO3: 1700 – 2900
Mg2+: 80 – 170 SO42– 580 – 1100
(Na++ K+): 650 – 1100 Cl-:   60 – 120
Mineralization 3.5 – 5.6 g / dm3