Loca Loca Noche Reposado

Loca Loca Noche Reposado – traditional tequila, which is made only from natural 100% juice of blue agave. It is a rested, ripe tequila of the first stage of aging. Before the spill Loca Loca Noche Reposado is insisted in wooden barrels of white oak from two months. The ripened drink has a golden hue and combines the balance of wood and agave aromas. The taste is gentle and soft. Loca Loca Noche Reposado is recommended to be used in its pure form.

Ingredients: agave spirits, prepared water, sugar 0,09 g / 100 ml.
Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol: 40%
Quanintity in a case: 6
Quanintity in a pallet: 90
Aroma: balanced, intense
Taste: gentle, soft taste of blue agave
Product of Mexico