Armenian Brandy Kilikia XO 10 Years

“Armenian Brandy Kilikia” XO 10 Years is a wonderful Armenian brandy that is aged in barrels of rocky Caucasian oak for a minimum of ten years to reach its perfection. The growing of components takes place according to the old Armenian traditional technologies.

Brandy Kilikia XO 10 Years has a deep multi-faceted rich flavor with intense chocolate-vanilla shades with a slight flavor of dried fruits and rich coffee intonations.

The taste is rounded and soft, with pronounced chords of dried fruits complemented with chocolate-vanilla tones with coffee notes and a long sweet-spicy finale.

Its saturated dark amber color corresponds to a holding time of at least ten years in oak barrels.

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol: 40%

Quantity in a case: 6

Quantity in a pallet: 40

Aroma: soft

Taste: round and soft