Armenian brandy Kilikia VS

“Armenian brandy Kilikia” VS is a fine Armenian brandy with a minimal three-year aging of the spirits that make up its composition. The growing of components takes place according to the old Armenian methods in oak barrels, which is a rarity in modern trends.

Brandy Kilikia VS has a lively, spicy, slightly metallic aroma with floral and fruity tones with notes of fresh oil and oak.

The taste is strong and intense, somewhat scorching at the very beginning, with a delicate sweetness, alternating at the very end with mild dryness.

Bright amber color corresponds to a holding time of at least three years in oak barrels.

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol: 40%

Quantity in a case: 6

Quantity in a pallet: 40

Aroma: soft

Taste: strong and intense