Kilikia Fruit Vodka Сornel

An unusually tasty cornel vodka TM Kilikia is made from the fruits of wild cornel, grown in the northeastern regions of Armenia. According to the ancient Roman legend, the cornelian appeared from the spear of Romulus, the founder of Rome, when he outlined the boundaries of the future city, and then with force thrust it into the ground and then the spear blossomed a cornel tree.

A special individuality among all the fruity spirits is corn syrup due to its unique aroma. After assembly, the cornel berries are sent for processing, separating the pulp from the bones, squeezing the juice and placing it in enameled containers for fermentation. After a week, the resulting mating is subjected to a double distillation process in copper cubes, paying special attention to ensuring that the strength of the obtained alcohol does not exceed 60%, keeping the drink as aromatic as possible. The resulting cornel alcohol is blended with purified and softened spring water to 50% and bottled in special containers for three months. During this time, the ready-made drink has time to “rest”, calms down and becomes softer.

Despite the unusual strength of 50%, cornel vodka of TM Kilikia has an absolutely exceptional taste – when you taste of fresh fruit, the unusually volatile aroma of expensive perfumes is preserved. Despite the perfect clarity of cornel vodka, the ointment “legs” invariably remain on the walls of the glass, like good cognac.

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol: 40%

Quantity in a case: 6

Quantity in a pallet: 40

Aroma: strong berry

Taste: fresh, with sourness