Kilikia Fruit Vodka Grape

Arabian doctors learned to make the first grape vodka in the IX – X centuries. Their secret of distilling grape wine, they kept in the strictest secrecy and actually monopolized the production of this drink. Only in the XIV century the secret of the production of grape vodka was discovered, as a result of which this drink became widespread in most parts of Europe, the Caucasus and the south of Ukraine. This kind of vodka from grapes was called English brand and Dutch, Italians – grappa, the Spaniards have it, the Greeks have rakia, the Cypriots call it zivaniya, and the Georgians call it chacha. All these were handicrafts for personal consumption, the production of which was only put on an industrial basis in the XVII and XVIII centuries, which allowed many masters to achieve high quality and mastery in the production of grape vodka. So, the real miracle of winemaking, the true masterpiece is the Armenian grape vodka ТМ Kilikia, which has no analogues outside the territory of its origin.

Grape vodka TM Kilikia is made from special selected varieties of white grapes, grown in the heart of the Ararat Mountains. Unlike the almost universally widespread grappa, and most other varieties of grape vodka, which is made from pulp (grapes), grape vodka TM Kilikia is produced only from natural grape juice. The resulting noble drink has a more intense, bright bouquet and a delicate aroma. The wine alcohol formed as a result of distillation is blended with purified and softened spring water to strength of 50%, and then it is cleaned and poured into enameled tanks for 3-4 months for “rest”. Directly before bottling, the drink undergoes additional filtration, which allows it to be purified as much as possible from impurities.

Despite the unusual strength of 50%, grape vodka TM Kilikia has a harmonious, soft, warm taste with a long aftertaste and a characteristic vivid grape aroma.

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol: 40%

Quantity in a case: 6

Quantity in a pallet: 40

Aroma: grape

Taste: soft, warm