Kilikia Fruit Vodka Mulberry

Mulberry vodka is a legendary herbal drink, known for centuries in Armenia. The berry fruit, otherwise the mulberry, is rightfully called the “Queen of berries” and brought to people not only the most expensive and valuable fabric in the world, but also a precious gift – a wonderful strong drink that brings health back to the sick, youth to old people, heals wounds and cheers the heart.

The popularity of mulberry vodka in Armenia is so high that practically in every yard there were 5 to 20 mulberry trees growing. Without “tutovka” (another name of this drink), not one holiday, and even more so a wedding. It was also considered a good idea to present mulberry vodka as a gift.

The process of making mulberry vodka began in July, when berries reached maximum ripeness. In ancient times, in order to get a brag, the berries were loaded into carasses (special clay vessels for making wine), buried in the ground. Nowadays, berries ferment in large metal enamel containers. In the future, the breg is exposed to the process of distillation in special copper cubes before obtaining alcohol with strength of 70% and is brought to a fortress in 50% of the purest spring water.

Mulberry vodka of TM Kilikia is produced according to traditional Armenian technology only from natural mulberry fruits grown in the northeastern regions of Armenia.

Despite the unusual strength of 50%, mulberry vodka Kilikia has a pleasant soft sweetish flavor with a slight mulberry flavor.

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol: 50%

Quantity in a case: 6

Quantity in a pallet: 40

Aroma: ripe mulberry

Taste: soft, with a light sweetness