Kilikia Fruit Vodka Apricot

Ripe juicy apricot with tender velvety skin and oozing flesh is something special! The birthplace of the apricot is considered to be Armenia. Even the Latin name of apricot, “armenica”, translates as “Armenian apple”

For the production of apricot vodka TM Kilikia only absolutely ripe fruits of the highest quality are used. They are collected by hand, sorted, the pulp is separated from the bones, crushed slightly and placed with large enameled tanks for fermentation. The fermentation process lasts several weeks and at its end the fermented juice is distilled. It uses a double distillation, by the way, during the second distillation “heads” and “tails” are cut off, which can significantly worsen the quality of the finished drink.

The resulting alcohol is blended with purified and softened spring water to obtain a 50% strength. The resultant blend of the beverage is cleaned with a membrane filter and poured into the enameled tanks for several months for “rest.” So the light appears the sunniest apricot vodka TM Kilikia.

TM Kilikia apricot vodka is made according to traditional Armenian technology only from natural apricot fruits grown in the heart of the Ararat valley.

Despite the unusual strength of 50%, apricot vodka TM Kilikia has a pleasant bright taste with a unique aroma.

Volume: 500 ml

Alcohol: 40%

Quantity in a case: 6

Quantity in a pallet: 40

Aroma: apricot

Taste: soft, with a light sweetness