Kilikia Dark

Dark beer, has a dark caramel color, expressed a specific taste of caramel malt. It is characterized by a slight bitterness and a characteristic hop aftertaste. It is prepared according to the classical technology from the best grades of caramel and light malt, using the selected varieties of hops. Pasteurized.

On international and republican reviews it was awarded: 2 gold and 1 bronze medals.

Manufactured since 1999 exclusively from natural ingredients. Without preservatives.

Volume: 0.5 L

Alcohol: 4.4%

Quantity in a case: 20 bottles

Initial wort intensiveness: 12%

Energy value per 100g: 45.0 kcal

Nutritional value per 100 g: carbohydrates– 4.2g.

Acidity(. AS block):  1.9-3.2

Color: 4.5-6.0 lm

Foaming: not less 40/4 mm/min.

Store at temperature: 10-200С

Expiration date: 365 day

Form of production: glass

Without GMO