“Baikal” ТМ Kilikia is a non-alcoholic strongly carbonated tonic drink of dark brown color.

The basis of ТМ “Baikal” ТМ Kilikia is extracts of St. John’s wort, licorice root and eleutherococcus, as well as essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, laurel of noble and fir with the addition of citric acid and sweetener.

Ingredients: drinking water, sugar 80%, aspartame 20%, citric acid, taste aromatic part “Duchess”, color, carbohydrate dioxide

Nutritional value in 100 g: carbohydrates – 8.4 g

Energy value in 100 g: 33.6 kcal

Produced: glass bottles

Volume: 0.5L

Quantity in a case: 20

Without GMO