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Armenia is an ancient country. It is known not only as the first Christian state in the world, but also as one of the oldest centers of winemaking. The history of viticulture dates back to the times of the biblical Noah.
“And the ark stopped in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the mountains of Ararat.” “And Noah began to till the ground and planted a vineyard.” (Genesis 8: 4, 9:20)
Back in the IX. BC. in the kingdom of Urartu, wine cultivation and winemaking were developed. During the excavations of the Urartu fortress of Teixebani (now Karmir Blur), wine cellars were found, where up to 480 clay vessels with a capacity of 800 to 1200 liters were found. In these ancient vessels were found the remains of grape seeds, close to the existing varieties Voskeat, Khardzhi, Mskhali and Garandmak. Moreover, sulfur, found in the cellars, indicates that the ancient winemakers were familiar with the technology of its use. In the manuscripts of that era, numerous records have survived, indicating a high culture of viticulture and winemaking in the territory of Armenia.
Recently, in one of the galleries of the cave Areni, the remnants of the vine were found, as well as presses for squeezing berries, vessels and remnants of certain production structures, very reminiscent of traditional folk winemaking technologies. Authoritative studies conducted in the USA confirmed that 6100 years ago wine was made in Armenia. Thus, thanks to the Areni finds, Armenia can be considered the birthplace of winemaking.
In Armenia, in Ararat Trust, in the carved gorge, there is a winemaking museum, in the collection of which there are about 3000 varieties of wines aged for several centuries. In the world there are only 3 such wine stores – in Armenia, France and Italy.
So, although France is considered the first country in the world to produce wine, Armenia is a country with the oldest wine culture on our planet.
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