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Tequila is a national Mexican drink from the core of the blue agave, growing only in five provinces of Mexico. Invented by the ancient Maya tribes, this amazing drink keeps the world’s most ancient history, and the recipe for its production is passed on from generation to generation, together with the secrets and mysteries of the disappeared civilization.
Tequila Loca Loca Noche is produced in the highland plantations of Jalisco, one of the most fertile regions of Mexico, the only place in the world with a unique microclimate where noble blue agave plants can grow on mineral-rich clay soil. The fortress of the drink is 38-40% and it never had a worm. Some manufacturers deliberately throw it into tequila in order to impress tourists and raise the price, but these are just marketing moves and have never been a Mexican tradition.

Loca Loca Noche Blanco – traditional tequila, which is made only from natural 100% juice of blue agave. It is a drink with a soft but intense taste and natural sweetness. Loca Loca Noche Blanco has a fresh, clean and strong blue agave flavor. Recommended for use as a part of cocktails.

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