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The history of the Armenian lemonade began in 1892 when the Yerevan businessman and philanthropist Khachatur Gilanian opened a small production of lemonade on fruit juices and herbal infusions in Yerevan. The fertile Armenian land gives birth to fruit with an amazing taste and therefore the plant’s products quickly become popular. Production volumes are increasing, and Gilanian decides to establish a plant for the production of carbonated mineral water based on imported soda from Europe. Gilanian’s soft drinks, called “Lasto”, enjoyed success in the Caucasus and abroad. Drinks to his factory in 1897 received a major charter at the Big Agricultural Exhibition in Kiev. A year later, his lemonades were awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma at an exhibition in Paris. …

Nowadays, manufacturers of lemonades often use dyes, flavors, as well as harmful chemical compounds. A distinctive feature of TM Kilikia lemonades is that in their production only pure spring water and natural ingredients are used. In our lemonades you will not find artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives, because we care about the health of our consumers.
Try together with us the most delicious natural lemonades of Armenia TM Kilikia
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