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For the first time, the Armenian brandy has become known to mankind since the XII century. The uniqueness of the Armenian brandy is that it is made from grapes grown exclusively in Armenia, on the spring water flowing from the spring springs of the Ararat mountains and are kept in barrels made from special rocks of the Caucasian rock oak growing in Armenia. The combination of all this, as well as traditional recipes and new technologies, creates a unique taste of the real Armenian brandy TM Kilikia

The harmony and purity of the taste of this noble drink will give you an incomparable pleasure. Experts recommend drinking it in small sips, pre-warmed glass in the palmar. Brandy is accepted to serve as a digestive, as well as with ice as an aperitif. Using it within reasonable limits is a pledge of active and happy longevity.
Below you can get acquainted with our assortment of brandy created from selected varieties of the best grape of the Ararat Valley. Thanks to its bright and elegant aroma, this incredibly rich product is a perfect addition to any party or celebration. In addition, his beautiful amber color corresponds to his many years of exposure.
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