Our Beers

Established in 1952, Kilikia began as Yereven Beer Factory and was reorganized into a Joint-Stock Company in 1997. After 60 years of solid history amongst Armenia’s leading enterprises, Yereven Beer Factory established its trademark as “Kilikia,” an exceptional symbol of high quality products. Currently the company produces beers, natural juices, and nectars as well as many sorts of refreshing beverages.

Made by modern technologies and from the highest quality substances, Kilikia established its high class in many international exhibits by acquiring 30 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze medals and 3 “Grand Prix” prizes.

Products / Beer

Kilikia beers are popular because of its distinct colors, pleasant aroma and different levels of bitterness flavors. It is made from the best sorts of hops and malt according to classical technology. The ageing process is finished more slowly, giving them a soft and balanced finish. Our customers love the many different variations of beers we distribute. Click on any beer image to view the different types of Kilikia beer products we have to offer.