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The Yerevan Brewery was founded in 1952, and in 1997 it was transformed into a joint stock company. For 60 years of its existence, primarily thanks to the reorganization and modernization of production, the company has taken a stable niche among the leading enterprises of Armenia, and the famous ТМ Kilikia has become a standard of high quality.
Currently, the company produces 12 types of beer, 10 kinds of natural juices and nectars, 13 types of soft drinks, as well as mineral water. Due to the high quality of its products, modern management and mobile marketing, Yerevan Beer CJSC products are in high demand, occupying one of the leading positions in the domestic consumer market. Since 1999, the products of the Yerevan Beer Company have been exported to Ukraine, the USA, France, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia, Australia, Canada, China, Myanmar, Spain, Turkmenistan and other countries.
Twice, in 1998 and 2003, TM Kilikia was awarded with the “For Quality” award of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, and for the production of products meeting the European standards, the international organization BID awarded “Yerevan Beer” CJSC with honorary prizes “Golden Star” (Geneva) and “For High Quality” (Frankfurt).
In 2012, during the national contest “Best Trade Mark of the Year” in Armenia, the company was recognized as the winner and was awarded with special prizes in the nominations “Best Beer of the Year” (“Kilikia”), “Opening of the Year” (Yerevan), “Best” and ecologically pure juices for children and adults “(natural juices and nectars” Areva “).
In the company, quality control is carried out at all stages of production in accordance with ISO 22000 and HACCP (Risk Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Contrary to popular belief, beer was invented not in Europe and not even in Egypt. Beer, as the oldest drink, was invented even at the dawn of civilization by ancient Sumerians, the ancestors of Armenians. Since then, the secrets of producing the world’s best beer are transmitted from generation to generation, infused into the cleanest mountain air that absorbed the generous Armenian sun and welded from the best varieties of hops and malts on the crystal clear spring water of the mountain rivers of the Ararat Valley.
In our time, in the production of beer in Armenia, both ancient traditional recipes and the latest European technologies are used. TM Kilikia beer is popular due to the fact that it has different levels of bitterness depending on the types of beer, excellent density and pleasant aromas. The peculiarity of the production of TM Kilikia is slow fermentation, which gives it a soft and balanced taste. The high quality of TM Kilikia beer was repeatedly confirmed at prestigious international shows, allowing to win a total of 32 gold medals, 3 “Grand prix” and many other honorable awards.
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