Old Kilikia

Old Kilikia is an exclusive importer and distributor for Ukraine and surrounding countries, and only imports quality exclusive brands from Armenia and other countries. Armenia Fairyland, where residents cherish their own history, culture, family tradition. Cozy Priyutivshiysya among the dense greenery and filled with the fragrance of pure mountain air country perfectly combines the possibility for the production of environmentally friendly products, as well as the unique traditions of the local population. Our products are exclusively imported and distributed to Ukraine from Armenia, France, and other surrounding countries. Established in 2012, Kilikia distributor now supplies to all leading supermarkets and groceries, and has built a name in providing quality top of the line alcoholic beverages including vodka, cognac, rum, beer as well as organic fruit juices, mineral water, lemonade and other soft drinks.


Our mission is to provide nationwide service to our customers while committing to long term brand building activities. We respect our customers and that is why we observe the market situation with attention to do our best to provide quality spirits with excellent taste and one of a kind packaging. Kilikia now delivers products to several leading grocery stores and supermarkets in Ukraine.