OLD Kilikia

LLC OLD Kilikia is an exclusive importer of high-quality brands from Armenia, America and Mexico to Ukraine.

Products TM Kilikia is created in the heart of the sunny Ararat valley. The perfect combination of mountain air, crystal clear water and bright sun has created a unique opportunity for the cultivation of environmentally friendly products. It is here more than two millennia carefully preserve family traditions, history and culture of its people. It is here that the most modern technologies for production are used. It is here that the unique production of TM Kilikia.

Since 2012, the company OLD Kilikia occupies strong positions in the domestic consumer market of Ukraine. The highest quality of TM Kilikia has been repeatedly confirmed by awards of prestigious international and national competitions. We supply our products to all the leading national product chains in Ukraine. Products of TM Kilikia are included in the top of alcoholic beverages, such as brandy, wine, vodka, rum and beer. Our line of non-alcoholic beverages includes natural fruit juices, nectars, mineral waters and lemonades. Since 2017, the range of products of TM Kilikia has been replenished with unique jams.


We supply the products of the most famous brands from Armenia to national supermarket chains, as well as to the best restaurants and shops of Ukraine.

We provide an opportunity for our partners to develop with us, winning the hearts of consumers with the unchanged quality of our brands.

We build long-term relationships with our customers, together strengthening the success of our achievements.

We adhere to the principles of honesty, openness and mutual respect, so listen to the opinion of everyone to develop together and make the world better and more joyful.

We create a community of consumers who share with us the joy of using our products.

We help people to eat right and tasty, bringing a holiday to every home.

That is why we proudly call our brands’ products an ideal